Culture Corner: La Velá de Santa Ana in Seville

This week in Seville there is a fantastic opportunity for cultural immersion, at La Velá de Santa Ana, a festival taking place just along the Guadalquivir River in the emblematic Triana neighborhood.  You can't miss the green and white awnings so typical of the Spring Fair and other festive celebrations of this region, and where [...]

The New CaixaForum in Seville

La Caixa is one of Spain's biggest private banks and its foundation focuses primarily on public social issues as well as the arts and sciences, research and education.  They have in recent years begun to invest in Spain's cities by opening Caixa Forum cultural centers, many located in Catalunya but there is also one in [...]

Spain Savvy Culture Corner: A Family Paella

Today we'd like to share with our readers a very special family recipe, one we get a lot of inquiries about.  Spain Savvy is proud to present...........the infamous Spanish rice dish, paella! The dish is said to to be a perfect union between the two historical Spanish cultures, the Romans, for the pan and the Arabs, [...]

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Spain Savvy Culture Corner: El Rocío Pilgrimage

The famous pilgrimage festivities of the Vírgen del Rocío (literally, the "Virgin of the Dew") are winding down this week and we wanted to dedicated a blog post to explain this cultural phenomenon to all those who have visited southern Spain or those who are considering a visit.  El Rocío is a big part of the culture [...]

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Spain Savvy Culture Corner: Seville’s Vibrant Spring Fair

There are many words we could use to describe Seville's Spring Fair but to me, the most effective word by far is VIBRANT.  La Feria is the culmination of everything descriptive of the Andalusian culture packed into one week-long event that will have you absolutely reeling. This post will be riddled with Spanish words, but [...]

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