Andalusia, the southernmost region of Spain, is a fantastic place to spend the holidays. The weather is mild, the streets twinkle with a spectacle of extravagant lights, and the sweet smoke of roasted chestnuts clouds the cities and towns. And with King’s Day rounding out the celebration on January 6th with its epic parades, the festivities never seem to end. It’s also the best time to take home some holiday gifts from southern Spain. 

Whether you’re traveling to Spain during the holidays, or simply hoping to fill your suitcase with Andalusian Christmas gifts, there are tons of treasures to bring back home for family and friends. So head to the Christmas markets, or simply wander the endless stores and stalls and look for a few of our favorite holiday gifts from southern Spain. There’s no better way to celebrate than bringing back a travel memory. 

Olives in Every Form 

olive oil

Andalusia’s agricultural pride and joy is the olive. Seas of olive trees cover the region, lending to some other-worldly olives and oils you’ll find on every table and dish in the south. You could very well bring back a big jar of fat green Andalusian olives, but that’s just the beginning of olive-centered gifts. A bottle of high-quality extra-virgin olive oil from is perfect for the foodie in the family, or look for olive oil soaps, lotions, and even chocolates. 

Azahar Scents

oranges and orange flower

Azahar is the quintessential orange flower that blossoms and covers the city of Seville in a fragrant aroma, announcing the commencement of spring. These blossoms only hang around for a few weeks, but not to worry. You can get these scents in perfumes, lotions, candles, and even a bottle of specialty Tanqueray gin all year round.

Canned Seafood

canned seafood

If chicken of the sea just came to mind, think again. Conservas are Spain’s answer to preserving their best and brightest seafood. You’ll even see these cans served at great tapas bars paired with local wines. Think perfectly salted anchovies, juicy hunks of tuna, and mussels swimming in a garlicky escabeche sauce. Conservas are lightweight, inexpensive, and pack a whole lot of flavor. They also make killer stocking stuffers. 

Flamenco Fanfare

Andalusia is the birthplace of flamenco. And after seeing a flamenco show while you’re in town, chances are you’ll want to take back a little flamenco flair of your own. Your own flamenco dress may not fit in the suitcase, but a bright shawl with long, swaying tassels and hand-stitched florals definitely will. A painted fan is sure to fit in your bag too, along with kids’ flamenco dresses. which are great for kiddos who love to play dress up. And for the musician in the family? Grab a set of castanets. 


Ceramics are everywhere in the south, from palaces to restaurants to patio entryways. The craft was perfected by the Moors who ruled in the country for 500 years, leaving a powerful legacy specifically in Andalusia. The craft has evolved over the centuries and you’ll find shops selling all sorts of colorful hand-painted tiles, plates, bowls, and the sort. Granada has a particularly unique blue and turquoise pomegranate design people fawn over, or check out the Triana neighborhood in Seville for some of the best. 

Local Wine 

wine on shelves

A bottle of Spanish wine is a gift everyone on your list will love, especially a southern wine. Andalusian wines are particularly difficult to find outside of Spain, which is why bringing a bottle (or a case) home is worth the effort. Most wine shops or wineries you visit on your travels can ship directly to the US if you don’t have room for all of them in your checked bag. And don’t forget to add a sherry wine in there to show your friends and family a true taste of Andalusia. 

Christmas Sweets


Once December 1st rolls around (or even November) the stores fill up with an array of Spanish Christmas sweets. There are spiced almond cookies, fried honey delights, and sweets made by the nuns themselves. Snag an assortment at any grocery store or pastry shop while you’re in town and share a classic holiday gift from southern Spain. They always come in an antique decorative tin, meaning one less present you have to wrap this year. 

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