So many of our amazing clients want ways to give back while traveling. They’re not only looking to see and experience a new place and culture but want to leave a positive impact. And we at Spain Savvy have been looking for our own ways to give back with an official philanthropic partner that matches our company values and also feels connected to the places we live and work. Education For All (EFA) Morocco was the perfect choice! EFA Morocco provides education for girls living in rural communities in the Atlas Mountains that would otherwise not have the opportunity to study.

The Story of Education for All Morocco

EFA Morocco girls in school in Atlas Mountains
Photo courtesy of EFA Morocco

There is an old African prover that says,

“If you educate a man, you educate an individual. If you educate a woman, you educate a nation.”

This still rings true today. EFA Morocco, which started in 2007 with just 10 girls ages 12-18, builds and runs safe schools and boarding houses in rural, remote areas so these girls can live and study for six years without having to worry about transport or funds. Most girls come from far-off villages, making a daily commute impossible; education often ends after elementary school. This complication has lead to about a 70% illiteracy rate amongst women in rural regions, making it difficult for them to overcome poverty and uplift their communities. EFA Morocco is changing that.

Here at the EFA schools and boarding houses, the girls have comfortable beds, showers, three healthy meals a day, and access to books and the right technology. They also have 3-4 supportive house mothers who are there care for their educational and emotional well being whenever needed.

How EFA Morocco Makes a Difference

EFA Morocco girls in computer lab
Photo courtesy of EFA Morocco

EFA Morocco has grown from their humble beginnings to now encompass 6 different boarding houses throughout the Atlas Mountain region with an average of 250 girls utilizing these facilities and schools at one time. The impacts are huge! Since 2007, 450 girls have passed through EFA’s six-year program! And since 2013, 170 girls have gone on to study in universities and many are now employed in industries like teaching, travel, law, and business. Some are even getting their masters degrees.

Want to learn more details about EFA’s impact? Check out their informative and easy-to-read 2022 impact report.

The September Earthquake in Morocco

EFA Morocco earthquake damage
Courtesy of EFA Morocco

If you’ve followed the news over the past month or kept up with our newsletter and social media, you probably saw that a massive earthquake struck Morocco in the Atlas Mountain region in September. This devastating natural disaster destroyed 4 of the EFA houses and damaged the 2 others. EFA was forced to shut down and relocate girls to schools and facilities in and around Marrakech. Unfortunately, the homes of many of their families were also destroyed and damaged, and lives of loved ones were lost, exacerbating the situation. The organization is doing their best to get them into temporary EFA-style housing so they can continue their studies while the houses are rebuilt. But this is a tough transition for the girls, who are also dealing with their own personal losses.

How You Can Help

EFA Morocco girls in boarding house
Photo courtesy of EFA Morocco

Most of us are fortunate enough to have been educated or live in a place where education is incredibly accessible. As an organization of women, female business owners, and human beings, we at Spain Savvy believe every person, regardless of gender or income level, has the right to a quality education. Funding EFA Morocco brings us one step closer to that reality.

The most impactful way you can give back while traveling to or near Morocco (Spain and Portugal are surprisingly close!) is to donate! Feeding, housing, and educating so many students comes with ongoing financial costs. And these girls need even more funds right now to rebuild their schools and boarding houses after the earthquake. So let’s gather around this beloved and beautiful country and send them some love. Let’s give back while traveling! Click here to donate to Education For All Morocco!

EFA Morocco girls in Marrakech
Photo courtesy of EFA Morocco

Looking to finally take that trip of a lifetime to Morocco this year or the next? Luckily, tourism is running at full force post earthquake. Tourism is another incredible way to support economies post disaster. For more details on booking your trip, reach out to us!