Spain Savvy Interview & Listing on Mum Abroad Life

We were thrilled to be featured recently on the MumAbroad Life website in the interview section as well as their business directory of expat business moms in Spain. You can check out the interview here and our business listing here. We are grateful to the MumAbroad Life network for being so supportive of expat working [...]

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Celebrating One Year of Spain Savvy

Here at Spain Savvy, we are coming up on one year of operation and are so pleased with how our project is turning out.  Since our inception, we have served over 200 clients and there are many more on the horizon.  It is truly a pleasure to be working so hard, every day, on something we [...]

Spain Savvy Partner: Meeting Point Sevilla

We are pleased to bring you today's guest post from Spain Savvy partner, Meeting Point Sevilla! TRIANA: SEVILLA’S BARRIO AZUL One thing that Sevillan locals and tourists adore in equal measure, is the unique and intoxicating neighborhood of Triana. Triana is one of 11 districts in the municipality of Sevilla. Once a Roman [...]

Spain Savvy Partners: LaCasa Sevilla

Since our inception, we have had many travelers requesting to incorporate a language acquisition element in their trip.  The options in Sevilla for language learning are many, and there are very high-quality options to choose from, both traditional and non-traditional. We wanted to meet this particular need for our clients in a way that perfectly [...]

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Spain Savvy Partners: The Essence of Flamenco in Triana at Baraka

In a corner of Seville, in the magical Triana quarter (where many would say flamenco was born), our friends at Baraka Flamenco opens their doors to anyone who wishes to be moved by this provoking art form.  Flamenco is a very distinctive style of music and dance, characteristic of the Andalusian gypsies, strongly rhythmic and [...]

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Spain Savvy Fave Properties: Las Casas del Rey de Baeza, Sevilla

In our first entry of Spain Savvy's Fave Properties series, we're showcasing el mejor de los mejores.  Las Casas del Rey de Baeza is a boutique 4* hotel located in Seville's historic center, not right in the middle of everything but just far enough out where you'll feel like a local but still be close enough to [...]

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Spain Savvy Partners: Devour Tours

Spain Savvy is thrilled to present one of our most valued partners, Devour Tours, who offer quality food tours in Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Málaga and most recently have expanded into Galicia, San Sebastian, Valencia and Granada.  Their values and passion for showing visitors the authentic gastronomic wealth of this country including the cultural and historical [...]

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Spain Savvy Partners: Alexis Kerner and The Olive Oil Workshop

Spain Savvy is honored to count Alexis Kerner as a dear friend and colleague in the world of tourism here in Andalucía.  She is making a name for herself in the Spanish olive oil market and is the current owner and operator of The Olive Oil Workshop based here in Seville.  We collaborate with her continuously [...]

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