We don’t always reveal our itinerary design tricks here at Spain Savvy. But this hotel in Vejer de la Frontera is so high on our list we simply had to led the cat out of the bag! A stay in Hotel La Casa del Califa illuminates a visit to one of our favorite Spanish towns.

Vejer de la Frontera is a small hilltop village in Spain’s southern autonomous community, Andalusia. It’s about 45 minutes from Cádiz and 2 hours from Seville. While Vejer feels delightfully secluded, it’s actually just a short drive down the hill to the glistening coast. Vejer’s white-washed facades and winding arch-adorned streets are only a small part of why it’s known as one of “Spain’s Most Beautiful Towns.” You can read more about Vejer in our destination spotlight blog: 6 Reasons to Visit Vejer de la Frontera.

views from Hotel La Casa del Califa
Courtesy of Grupo Califa

There are, of course, many places to stay in Vejer. But there’s nothing quite like a stay in La Casa del Califa. From its superb location with sweeping views, to its memorable cuisine, comfortable rooms, and locally-inspired design, this hotel in Vejer is undoubtedly the best you can find. Which is why we consistently recommend it to our clients on their ventures through southern Spain. Interested in adding it to your itinerary? Find out why you should!

Califa’s Multiple Properties & Facilities

Pool at Las Palmeras Vejer de la Frontera
Courtesy of Grupo Califa

La Casa del Califa is a boutique hotel and the star of the Grupo Califa family, which also includes Las Palmeras del Califa, an aparthotel featuring the only pool in Vejer, and Hotel Madreselva, a beachfront property near gorgeous Caños de Meca and Cape Trafalgar. Along with a number of restaurants in town, they also have an exceptional spa, Hammam Vejer, just a five minute walk from La Casa del Califa. Each of their properties and facilities are absolutely worth adding to your itinerary.

Exceptional Service & Hospitality

jardin del califa restaurante
Courtesy of Grupo Califa

At Spain Savvy, we not only look for naturally beautiful and cared-for properties for our clients, but the ever-important human touch. And Califa has that part down perfectly. From the smiling faces at reception to the warm greetings at breakfast, guests truly feel like they are at home and pampered.

Vejer, located on the craggy Cádiz coastline and right on the Strait of Gibraltar, is known for its windiness in the early evenings. As the sun goes down it can occasionally be a bit intense! Califa very thoughtfully provides warm fleece blankets at their outdoor seating venues to combat this issue and thus making their customers more cozy. This is just one example of their hospitable touches and attention to even the smallest details.

High Quality Gastronomy

breakfast spread at Hotel La Casa del Califa
Courtesy of Grupo Califa

Califa does mealtime right, from breakfast to dinner. Many of their on and off-site eateries are true gastronomic destinations in Vejer. The Moroccan-inspired breakfast spread complete with the typical rghaif bread aside fresh fruits, cheeses, and practically all the fixings you could possibly imagine, does not disappoint. And once again, the wait staff are simply on point, always asking if you need anything and always with a smile.

Califa is also the proprietor of five stellar local restaurants: Jardín del Califa (on-site at the main hotel), La Tetería del Califa (also at the hotel), Califa Express (next door for a quick, to-go bite), Fez (a short walk from the hotel), and just down the street, Califa Tapas. Each has their own flare and style, and each is absolutely worth visiting. Ask your travel designer to work a few of them into your itinerary.

Boutique Rooms & Locally-Inspired Design

Casa del Califa lobby area
Courtesy of Grupo Califa

With just 27 rooms, the hotel feels like a private home. The decoration is simply gorgeous, featuring many design details inspired by the region’s Moorish history and elements imported directly from Morocco, just a short ferry ride away. From their basic rooms to suites, each features a differing architectural style and color palette, adding to the boutique flare.

Nighttime terrace at La Casa del Califa
Courtesy of Grupo Califa

Many rooms have views of the lush Andalusian courtyards or even private terraces with views of the town. The Africa Suite at Califa, for example, is the perfect place for a romantic getaway. Or a spacious apartment at Las Palmeras overlooking the refreshing plunge pool with the backdrop of the whitewashed village – a wonderful place to rejuvenate and reconnect. A small family can easily occupy any of their bigger rooms. And the staff will be happy to accommodate you with an extra bed or a baby crib. Our family of five (3 small kiddos) once stayed in the Luna room and were quite comfortable.

If you’re thinking about visiting Vejer on your next trip to southern Spain, there’s no question about it – any of the properties of Grupo Califa should be at the top of your list. Contact Spain Savvy today to make it happen!