Vejer de la Frontera is one of the most picturesque towns in all of southern Spain, if not the entire country. We may be biased, but the country’s tourism board also gave it official status as one of The Most Beautiful Towns in Spain! Vejer is one of those secret locations that locals are hesitant to give away so as not to spoil its treasures. Tucked away in a corner of the Cádiz province atop a cliff with beautiful vistas of the nearby coast, this village is simple yet fabulous, and chock-full of surprises. Discover 6 reasons to add Vejer de la Frontera to your southern Spain itinerary.

The Rich and Visible History

Views of Vejer de la FronteraHistorically, and mostly due to its geographical position, Vejer has been an enclave for all the civilizations that have passed through Andalusia. Beginning with the Romans, then during the long period of Arab rule, and then falling to the Christians along with the rest of Spain during the Middle Ages. Some historical references even trace the city as far back as 400 B.C. with the rule of the Carthaginians. Most importantly, you can still see Vejer’s rich history today in its architecture. Discover Roman footpaths, Moorish archways, and preserved gateways along the fortified city walls from the 13th and 15th centuries.

The Town’s Hidden Corners

patio in Vejer de la Frontera SpainNo matter what time of year you visit Vejer de la Frontera, there’s so much to do in the town. Explore the cobblestone streets, getting lost in time while walking along the original, fortified walls and prominent gates that surround the old town. Stop in the funky shops and tasty restaurants, and enjoy drinks on the various balconies, always with a view. Vejer’s Plaza de España, also known locally as “Plaza de los Pescaitos” (Little Fish Square), named for the goldfish who used to swim in the central fountain, is an ideal place to stroll around on a hot summer evening. See if you can count all the marine life motifs in the tile work decorations! The calm winding streets along the white-washed walls, the mixture of residents and tourists mingling – the whole atmosphere of the place creates an inexplicable connection to the town.

The Proximity to Outdoor Adventure

El Palmar beach in Spain While you could hide away up in town for days on end, you’d be remiss to not venture around Vejer’s beaches, mountains, and neighboring villages. In the cooler months, hike around the neighboring Barbate Natural Park or the cliffs at La Breña. If you come between the months of April and October, it’s all about the beach. Visit nearby El Palmar beach with its fun hippie-chick/surfer-dude beach bars, and long stretches of gorgeous virgin beaches. A huge bonus – there are no high rise hotels in sight. This area is legally protected for environmental reasons from being marred by tourism. Also check out Cadiz’s other nearby beaches like Los Caños de Meca and Zahara.

The Unique Accommodations

Terrace at Casa Califa in Vejer de la Frontera
Courtesy of Hotel La Casa del Califa

While there are a number of excellent lodging options in Vejer, we almost always suggest the Hotel La Casa del Califa with its lovely rooms, wonderful service, and artful local design. We especially love the views from this terrace! While you’re there, make a reservation at their delicious Moroccan restaurant, Jardin del Califa.  If you don’t end up staying here, at least come for a meal. Read more about Hotel La Casa del Califa here on the blog.

Also highly recommended is the luxurious Casa de la Siesta just on the outskirts of town. The refurbished rural retreat, run by an English couple, can be rented out for exclusive use and is also a fabulous destination wedding venue.

The Picturesque Views

Views of Vejer de la Frontera

Vejer de la Frontera sits on a towering hilltop overlooking the coast and countryside. Not only will you discover idyllic views of the white-washed facades around town, the villages’s layout also allows you incredible vantage points of the town itself. And before you enter Vejer, catch an impressive view of the town from below. No matter where you look, you’re bound to find yourself snapping photos at every twist and turn.

The Exquisite Cuisine

Spanish tuna at El Campero
Courtesy of El Campero Restaurant

Vejer has historically protected the commercial fishing industry. And that includes the famous “almadraba” tuna fishing process that happens next door in Barbate and surrounding areas. Some of the best tuna in the world is found in this region, both in town and down in Barbate. In fact, there are restaurants that center their entire menus solely on this prized fish! Traditional seafood restaurants also abound in the area. These spots serve more than just tuna but a plethora of other fresh fish and shellfish too. In Vejer you’ll discover both traditional and modern restaurants, those serving high-quality meat and vegetables, and a smattering of Moroccan-style eateries worth trying. Just ask your travel designer to recommend some of their favorites!

If you’re a real foodie, Spain Savvy will put you in touch with Annie B’s Spanish Kitchen. Our friend Annie runs this delightful cooking workshop in the area. She draws from local ingredients and almost always serves her guests a splash of local sherry wine on her beautiful terrace dining area overlooking the whitewashed town.

Vejer is a secret that Spain Savvy would love to share with you on your next trip to southern Spain.  Contact us today to get started on your custom itinerary.