Spain Savvy Partners: An authentic experience in Seville

Have a real, authentic experience with Spain Savvy

Here at Spain Savvy, we promise that you will have the most rewarding and authentic experience in Spain.

While you’re in Seville, we want you to feel that you’re really getting under the skin of the place, meeting the locals, and understanding what makes the city tick, from gastronomy to flamenco dancing. In addition, we want you to feel comfortable and right at home, so you that can have a relaxed meal in your apartment, or go out to eat knowing that your children are in safe hands.

With this in mind, we offer extra services that will offer you an authentic experience while you are staying in Seville, so that you can enjoy the best home-cooking in your own private space; learn to speak useful Spanish – out and about, rather than in a classroom; take a flamenco dance class (complete with outfit); have professional photos taken in a stunning Sevillano setting, capturing perfect memories of your trip with friends or family; and enjoy a night out while your children are happily entertained.

Meet our collaborators who make it happen in Seville. We know all of these people personally, and have used their services for years.

Eva will come to your apartment and cook you a delicious meal.
Eva’s spectacular brunch spreads are popular with groups.

The chef: Eva Cepero, Chef at Home Svq

What Eva offers:

Professional chef Eva will come to your rental apartment and prepare any meal that you want: breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even brunch. Perhaps you are staying in Seville with a group of friends, or for a special family occasion or anniversary. You can enjoy a delicious home-cooked meal, with Spanish and Andalusian dishes,  in the comfort of your own apartment – Eva will bring all the ingredients, cook them to order in your kitchen, and then you can dine on her delicious food – for example salmorejo, paella and fresh fruit salad – in a relaxed atmosphere.

Eva says: “The best thing about my job is when I see happy, satisfied clients – I want my clients to feel at home, thanks to the food I serve them. I can offer any meal, but I especially love cooking breakfast and brunch – laying out all that fresh, colourful food. I ask them what they want – porridge, eggs any style – and then when they come in to eat, and see the table, they say “Wow, that looks amazing!

Forget classrooms – Cristina will teach you how to order your veg at the market!

The Spanish teacher: Cristina Expósito, LaCasa Sevilla Cultural Experiences and Language Classes

What Cristina offers:

As a Spanish teacher with ten years of experience, Cristina is used to working with all levels of knowledge, from the most basic beginner, up to advanced. But most importantly, she wants you to learn phrases which you can put to immediate use. Tailoring each private class to your own needs, she can come to your apartment, meet you in a café, or take you out to a local Seville food market, where you’ll learn how to order fresh produce from the stallholders yourself. Before you know it, you’ll be doing your own shopping: “Can I get half a kilo of tomatoes?” “How much are those oranges?”

Cristina says: “What I love most about my work is how personal I can make the classes, to fit each student. I like to find out their interests, how I can help them improve their Spanish, if this is their first visit to Seville. For me, every student is like a friend, and I am here to help them during their stay in the city. After all, I’m not just their teacher, I can also help them in many other things such as giving recommendations, and telling them about Seville’s culture and history.


Eva loves teaching flamenco to beginners of all ages. Photo: LaGafa
Eva’s classes are featured in the Rick Steves Spain guide.

The flamenco instructor: Eva Izquierdo, I Show U Sevilla

What Eva offers:

Outfitted with your flippy skirt and clicky heels, fringed shawl and a flower in your hair (men can get dressed up too), you’re all set to start your flamenco dance class with Eva. Featured in Rick Steves Spain, this exuberant Trianera has been dancing since she was seven years old, and discovered her passion for teaching flamenco by chance while studying in Germany. Thanks to her enthusiasm for the Andalusian dance with its complex rhythms, you’ll soon have all the right moves for a simple routine – she specializes in teaching beginners. She can also take you out to the best Triana bars for seeing flamenco, where her friends perform live.  There is no more authentic experience than this one!

Eva says: “I love teaching beginners – I want them to have fun learning the basic flamenco moves and footwork. I want them to understand flamenco, to appreciate it and to fall in love with it. If I can make a difference in their lives, that makes my day!

Arancha is an experienced photographer who collaborates with…
Sara to capture your perfect Seville memories. Photo: Jose Lucas

Family portraits hold precious memories of your trip to Seville.

The photographers: Sara Fisel and Arancha Morera, Picture Perfect Seville

These days we all come back from our vacation with reams of photos on our smartphones. But what about a set of professional portraits in a beautiful location – a park, or historic building – with Seville’s reliably azure-blue sky? This is a beautiful, timeless memory of your holiday in Spain celebrating with your friends or family that can be posted on your Social Media channels, gifted to relatives, or take pride of place in your living room, to keep the Spanish sunshine shining into your home. Together Sara, who hails from Indiana, and Madrileña Arancha, offer stunning forever keepsakes to keep alive those memories of your wonderful vacation in Seville.

Sara and Arancha say: “As photographers, we love working with visitors to Seville to create beautiful images which they can take home with them and treasure. It’s so rewarding to see people engage with these historic and stunning surroundings. Plus, as we’re both English-speakers, we can communicate easily on the shoot, making it a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone!”



Kids love Chio, who has worked with families in the US as well as in Spain.

The family entertainer for a true authentic experience: Chio Lopez-Alonso

What Chio offers:

As a bilingual professional, Chio has 20 years of experience working with children as a stage school director, crafting designer and sitter, including three summers spent on the East Coast with American families (and as our personal go-to sitter). She is an energetic and creative person who your kids will fall in love with, as she gets them playing games, doing crafts, and ensuring that they feel safe and happy, so that you can feel confident in leaving them and going out for dinner with your grown-up family group, or for that much-needed date night with your significant other.  Having your children spend time with a local child-minder, or even some other local Spanish children, is a wonderful way to have them live their very own authentic experience.

Chio says: “I have always connected with children, thanks to my lively and happy personality and my creativity. I love being with children because they’re so authentic and full of life. Every day I work with them is a unique experience – I learn so much from them, and I express my thanks for the happiness they bring me by showing my affection.”

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