There are seemingly endless reasons to visit Spain: the magnificent food, the Mediterranean weather, the rich and surprising culture. But when it comes to summer vacation, the beaches are what really calls us! And with over 3,000 miles of coastline, Spain has a lot to show off come June. Think exclusive hidden coves, endless white-sand stretches, and rocky cliffs towering over crystal waters. Each area has much to offer for any traveler, whether you’re hoping to catch some waves or spend the days sun-bathing with a drink in hand. These beaches, however, are some of the best beaches in Spain and some of our faves.

The Basque Country: La Konxta, San Sebastián

La Konxta

La Konxta, or the “seashell” in the native Basque language Euskera, is named after, well, it’s shell-like shape! Smack dab in the middle of San Sebastián, this may be one of the most privileged spots to lounge in the country, and unequivocally one of the best beaches in Spain. Why? Apart from being steps away from delicious pintxos, sunshine in the Basque Country is a dime a dozen. In other words, when the sun finally does come out, you’ll want to be right on that playa soaking up the rays.

Andalusia: Zahara de Los Atunes, Cádiz

zahara de los atunes Cádiz

Crystal waters and fine white sand make this one of the best beaches to visit in the south of Spain. Cádiz is a southern mecca for gorgeous beaches, and this is one of our favorites. As the name states, it’s also known for its blue-fin tuna, which you can try at many of the restaurant and bars in the area.

Andalusia: Cabo de Gata, Almeria

Cabo de Gato Almeria

Technically, Cabo de Gata isn’t just one singular beach, but rather a natural park comprised of several beaches. Desert lands and rocky shores make for a stunning contrast to the area’s Caribbean-like waters here in Almeria, which is also in the south of Spain. Bring your snorkeling gear for these beaches; the water is so crystal clear you’ll spot colorful fish circling around your toes as your wade in the tranquil waters.

The Canary Islands: Papagayo, Lanzarote

Papagayo beach

Papagayo Beach is probably one of the most unique beaches in all of Spain. Sandwiched between two cliffs on Lanzarote, one of the principal islands in the Canaries, Papagayo’s turquoise waters are unforgettable. The island’s volcanic landscape really makes the waters pop. It’s like going to the beach on a different planet that you may consider inhabiting for the foreseeable future!

Ibiza: The Coves

Ibiza cala

It’s hard to choose just one beach in Ibiza, as practically every area kind of feels like it could be the best beach in Spain. But the most unique parts of the island are definitely the coves, or “calas.” Hidden amongst rocks and trees, Ibizas coves make you feel like the island is practically all yours. There are so many tiny coves to discover, some more popular and some more secretive that only the locals know about it. If Ibiza is on your itinerary (which it definitely should be!), we’ll give you insider info on some of those lesser-known coves!

Mallorca: Cala Tuent, Soller

Cala Tuent Mallorca
Courtesy ABC Mallorca

Like Ibiza, Mallorca is king of calas, and none of them will disappoint. We are, however, partial to Cala Tuent in Soller! It’s quiet, secluded, nestled into the green hills, and feels especially exclusive. And, like all the islands, the water is an unbelievable shade of blue we just can’t get over!

Galicia: Islas Cies

Islas Cies

Lesser known internationally when it comes to Spanish beaches (but all the better for it) are the Islas Cies. These seemingly untouched islands off the coast of Galicia are only accessible by ferry and are beyond stunning. It’s a particularly relaxing end to a summertime Camino de Santiago trek. And with additional hiking trails and camping areas, it’s a great way to reconnect with nature.

Catalonia: Platja el Golfet, Costa Brava

Cove in Costa Brava

A personal favorite here at Spain Savvy, the sneak-away cove sits is a true gem in Catalonia’s Costa Brava region. You’ll hike down an accessible trail–with stunning views along the way–and enjoy especially tranquil vibes as you float amongst the picturesque rock formations and watch the boats pass by.

Heading to the beach this summer or next? Add some of these areas to your itinerary and experience some of the best beaches in Spain for yourself. Reach out to us and we’ll help you find them.