9 Reasons to Visit Mallorca on Your Spanish Vacation

When it comes to luxurious beach destinations, it’s no secret Spain’s islands are shining stars. So the Spain Savvy team made a special trip off the peninsula, and came back with endless reasons to visit Mallorca.

Mallorca is the biggest island in Spain’s Balearic Island archipelago, which also includes fantastic destinations like Ibiza, Menorca, and Formentera. But we found that Mallorca in particular has such a deep sense of place–a true identity that sets it apart from other parts of Spain. It’s coves and beaches are exceptional. It’s a place full of unique culture and cuisine. And it’s well worth the quick flight off the mainland.

Mallorca is beautiful all year round, but to enjoy it to the fullest, we recommend a trip anytime between May and November. So we set off in August to scope out some of the best spots on this splendid island destination. We were truly impressed by all it has to offer! So we’ve put together our top 9 reasons to visit Mallorca on your next European vacation.

Accessible in Every Way

Mallorca is so easy to get to! With tons of direct flights from the mainland via Ryan Air and Vueling, you can easily couple it with a trip to Madrid, Barcelona, our beloved Andalusia, or even another Mediterranean country.

Once you’re island-side, getting around Mallorca is just as easy. Renting a car is a fantastic option to get access to some of the beautiful towns and coves you’ll find highlighted below. And picking up and dropping off a rental at the Palma airport is no sweat. We also work with a number of excellent private drivers on the island for more hands-off and relaxing excursions.

An Island for Everyone

The spectacular coast is why everyone has a reason to visit Mallorca
Who doesn’t love these views?

This style of Spanish island life is ideal for all ages and types of travelers. There are easily accessible beaches with shallow waters for the kiddos, secret coves for romantic getaways, and so many activities that lend well to groups or solo travelers looking to adventure out alone or meet other travelers. In other words, if you want it, Mallorca has it.

Palma’s Charms

The Cathedral of Santa Maria la Palma, or La Seu
Cathedral of Santa María in Palma, commonly known as La Seu

Palma alone is a reason to visit Mallorca. Gina, our lovely partner at Visit My Mallorca, showed us around the charming capital city. She provides some unforgettable and specialized local experiences on the island, and led us though Palma’s Old Quarter, to the fish market, and showed us the majestic waterfront Cathedral de la Seu.

The Jewish quarter was another must-see on our tour with Gina. If you’re looking to learn more about Mallorca’s Jewish history, our other fantastic partner Dani Rostein at Jewish Majorca truly brings the secrets of Palma’s Jewish History to life!

The city is also home to unique boutique hotels that provide gorgeous stays for visitors looking to enjoy the best of Palma’s impeccable style.

Stunning Beaches & Coves

hidden beach coves in Deià
Mallorca’s hidden coves

One of the main reasons to visit Mallorca is obviously its collection of stunning beaches. Along with long stretches of white sand and crystal waters, Mallorca is full of hidden coves. The cliffs and coves are one of the best and most unique parts of the Balearic Islands, and Mallorca is the ideal place to experience them. Sneak on down to some of these tucked-away nooks known only to locals on your Mallorca stay (we’ll give you the inside scoop!), and enjoy endless intimate and relaxing waterside days.

Ideal Boating Destination

sail boats in Mallorca cove
See another side of Mallorca via sail boat

Want to see Mallorca from a different side? Sailing or boating around the island is an ideal way to soak in the island’s cliffs and turquoise waters. You’ll find people from all over the world enjoying these luxuries–snorkeling, lounging on the deck, and lunching in the middle of Med. We had a phenomenal experience with Soller Charter and their crew! Our charter with them was proof you can’t go to Mallorca without hopping on a boat.

Picturesque Towns

Picture of town in Mallorca called Deià
The picturesque town of Deià

There are so many reasons to visit Mallorca. But it’s not just about the beach! Mallorca is full of picturesque towns close to the seaside and farther inland that are straight out of a storybook. There are majestic mountains, lemon orchards, and vineyards flowing with local Mallorcan grapes to be discovered. Pollença, Soller, and Deià, for example, are truly magical spots we got to check out. They’re full of artisan shops and restaurants hyper-focused on local products, and each town as its own unique vibe for any traveler.

Breathtaking Views

the infinity pool on cliff in Cas Xorc is one reason to visit Mallorca
Unbeatable poolside views at Cas Xorc

Mallorca’s views are unbeatable. Whether it’s a restaurant terrace, a quiet beach cove, or one of the many miradores (view points), the photo ops are practically endless on this island. We especially love the poolside views from the island’s best hotels and resorts.

Luxurious Accommodations

Mallorca is home to some fabulous luxury accommodations. In Palma, for example, Palacio Can Marqués‘s newly renovated palace offers truly five-star service, and has spacious suites and penthouse rooms ideal for big family stays or events.

Hotel room at Palacio Can Marqués
Luxurious rooms at Palacio Can Marqués

Just outside Palma, Castell Son Claret is combines Mallorcan rustic and luxury. The restored private castle from 1450 offers lavish dining, spa services, and bicycles on the grounds. Some of their suites also feature private pools for guests.

Castell Son Claret entrance
The magnificent landscape at Castell Son Claret

Right in the middle of the picturesque town Deiá, the Belmond La Residencia is nothing short of outstanding. To start, the resort has a top-tier spa, deluxe gym facilities, and to-die-for food experiences. But what makes the property especially unique is its dedication to the arts. The Belmond Residencia houses numerous sculptures from the famous Spanish sculptor Miró and also offers private sculpture workshops on site.

In the port of Sóller sits Jumeirah, a stunning five-star hotel that shows off exceptional views over seaside cliffs from any of the rooms. They provide every service you could ever need for an exceptionally comfortable stay, and their restaurant, Cap Roig, is a destination all its own.

Noteworthy Gastronomy

Seafood dishes like turbot is a great reason to visit Mallorca
Seared turbot at Castell Son Claret

One reason to visit Mallorca is its fantastic cuisine. From traditional beachside spots with grilled fresh fish and meat like at Can Pescador in Pollença, to Cas Xorc‘s candlelight dinners of tender, fall-off-the-bone lamb from their sunset terrance, Mallorca’s gastronomy has so much to offer. And it often includes breathtaking views!

At Cap Roig you can enjoy carefully prepared seafood dishes by Javier Soriano with the freshest of fish and, of course, amazing cliff-side views. Suculenta in Marina Tramuntana in Port Sóller, with its terrace and live music, is a great stop for a post boating lunch or dinner. In the center of Palma, the five-star Asian-Mediterranean fusion tasting menu at Fera, with fabulous wine offerings, was well worth the indulgence. And Spot Mallorca is a fun spot for craft cocktails and especially creative dishes.

One of the reasons to go to Mallorca are the sunsets
A Mallorcan sunset

There are so many reasons to visit Mallorca. Whether you’re looking for a Spanish island getaway or a simple stop-over on a longer Spanish adventure, this stunning island has much to offer every traveler. To plan your next trip to Mallorca, reach out to your Spain Savvy team and we’ll design the ideal itinerary. That way, you you can spend more time soaking up every last bit of this exceptional island.

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