Spain Savvy Partners: Devour Tours

Spain Savvy is thrilled to present one of our most valued partners, Devour Tours, who offer quality food tours in Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Málaga and most recently have expanded into Galicia, San Sebastian, Valencia and Granada.  Their values and passion for showing visitors the authentic gastronomic wealth of this country including the cultural and historical background behind the dishes, align perfectly with Spain Savvy’s.  Interestingly enough, the founders of of our companies are both Boston-born, Italian-American, Spanish transplants.

We often recommend Devour Tours services to our clients and can even include them in your total package, taking care of all the payment and logistics for you.  We love that Devour Tours offers specialized family-friendly tours as well!

Spain Savvy ii also Devour Tours’ proud travel partner for the Devour Andalusia multi-day tour which we hope will garner enough interest to run in 2018 (contact us if you’re interested in joining!)

Check out the video below and read this article to learn more about Devour Tours:

Come and devour Spain with Devour Tours and Spain Savvy!