With seemingly endless bars and restaurants in Seville, and a region full of incredible edible and drinkable product, it’s a real challenge to pick our favorites spots to dine. The list could truly go on forever! But right now these are some of the most memorable restaurants and the tapas bars we tend to come back to year after year. Check out our pick of the top restaurants in Seville, tapas bars included!

Top Tapas Bars in Seville 

This is how the locals eat: sharing a few small plates while sitting up at a bar with a glass of wine or an ice-cold beer. If that’s your vibe, then head for a one of Seville’s hundreds of tapas bars. Service should be snappy-quick, and you won’t be expected to stay at your table all evening. The menu (above all, the daily specials) will sometimes be on a blackboard locked inside your server’s brain. Most tapas bars will also have the option to order larger dishes, but the beauty of a tapas bar is trying a bunch of different bites in one sitting.

El Rinconcillo

El Rinconcillo

As the oldest tapas bar in Seville (it opened in 1670), El Rinconcillo is a must-see institution. It’s not only beautiful with its dark wooden bar and colorful tiles, but the cooks make a mean spiced spinach and chickpea stew (espinacas con garbanzos), which is one of the city’s most venerated tapas.

Las Teresas

A classic Santa Cruz neighborhood spot, this is where you sit up at the bar, drink a glass of sherry or a caña (small beer), and watch the jamón ibérico being expertly carved into wafer-thin slices. With walls covered in Semana Santa, Feria, and bullfighting posters, as well as colored ceramic tiles, it couldn’t be more quintessentially Sevillano.


For incredible Spanish cheeses and gourmet tins of Iberian seafood, Salsamento is the place to be. They also make a mean montadito de pringá (a juicy, pork-filled sandwich) that you simply cannot miss.


Eslava Rosemary Honey Ribs

Eslava sits a bit off the general tourist path, tucked behind one of the city’s most beloved churches, the Basílica de Jesús de Gran Poder.  The folks at Eslava have won numerous awards for their elevated tapas, which deviate from the traditional Seville tapas bar classics. Best get there early or make a reservation to get a spot at Eslava, but it’s well worth the wait.

La Barra de Cañabota

This is the place to come to for fresh seafood tapas in Seville; the wine list is excellent too. Its next-door big brother, Cañabota, is more formal and has a Michelin star. It is definitely worth a visit as well!

Blanca Paloma

Cross the bridge and head over to Triana for fresh seafood tapas like clams cooked in white wine and garlic, and an endless list of amazing bites. Be sure to dine tapas-style downstairs at Blanca Paloma, or you won’t get to order their famous tapas (upstairs is for full-service dining).

Las Golondrinas

This is authentic Triana. Come here for the grilled mushrooms, pork tenderloin, herb and garlic marinated carrots, and so many more homemade tapas that have been around for generations. It’s a local favorite with a vibrant atmosphere.

Casa Morales

Photo by Jenna Swan

Casa Morales is a classic tapas bar in the center of town with a truly unforgettable interior. Large clay wine barrels line the back walls and often the daily menu is written on them. You’ll find every Sevillano classic here, from tapas to local wines.

Lama La Uva

This incredible wine shop (best in Seville!) doubles as a wine bar, where owner Ana Linares Martínez serves an abundance of unique Spanish wines along with bites of local cheeses and charcuterie. Don’t forget to take a drinkable souvenir home with you in your (checked) bag.

Top Restaurants in Seville 

When you’re looking for a more formal night out, perhaps with a tasting menu, then you should head to one of Seville’s many sit-down restaurants. The experience will be long and leisurely, giving you the opportunity to enjoy what Spaniards call the sobremesa: relaxing time spent chatting at the table after a long meal. These top restaurants in Seville are sure to make some serious culinary travel memories.


Camila Ferraro won Best Revelation Chef 2020 at international food fair Madrid Fusion. While her restaurant is a bit out of the city center, it’s well worth the journey. In a spacious dining room filled with palm trees, you can enjoy refined modern dishes that provide a serious upgrade to traditional Spanish cuisine. Insider’s tip: take your coffee or herbal infusion upstairs on the outdoor corner terrace.


fish dish at Ispal top restaurants in seville

Km 0 is the key concept here, with many ingredients and dishes either from Seville province, or from neighboring Huelva, Cádiz or Córdoba. Many dishes are new takes on old favorites – gambas al ajillo (garlic shrimp) are cooked in front of you, as sizzling-hot olive oil is poured over the raw shellfish, plus a bao bread roll to soak up those delicious juices. Its name comes from the old word for Seville, and means “flat land.”


One of the original new wave of Slow Food restaurants in Seville, ConTenedor is a creative concept with a menu dedicated to local and organic sourcing. The interior makes you feel like you’re in the home of a very cool friend, and the food is consistently fantastic.


Abantal was the first restaurant in Seville to receive a Michelin star and it is well deserved. The contemporary Andalusian cuisine is dynamic and creative, with two different locally-focused tasting menus and excellent wine pairings.


fried fish tradevo top restaurants in seville

With two locations in Seville, Tradevo does seafood exceptionally well. Their fried fresh catch of the day is simple but always memorable, and the service is warm and friendly. And the big patio in the center of town lets you truly take in that Spanish sunshine.

Torres y Garcia

A large, light-filled dining room in the Arenal marries traditional yet rarely seen dishes, such as pigeon, with new rustic cuisine. The wine list is excellent–the sommelier offers excellent suggestions for Sherries to pair with your meal.

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