Relocation Services

«Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?» – Mary Oliver

At Spain Savvy, we are eager to help Americans live their best lives. Whether this is your retirement, a sabbatical, or a short or long-term stint abroad with your family in tow, we are excited to share all the secrets of this amazing country with you. With the world changing so rapidly, and borders getting blurred more and more every day, now’s the time to live your life as a global citizen! More and more Americans are taking advantage of Spain’s Non-Lucrative Visa (NLV) option to obtain EU residency. We can help you decide if this is a real possibility for you.

Our role as intermediary will allow us to assist you in making your dream of living in Spain a reality. With our extensive, country-wide contacts, we will match you up with the right people and be there with you along the path as you achieve your goals and create your new future.

The Relocation Services division encompasses Spain Savvy values of efficiency and connecting people, while keeping our passion for helping others in the foreground of everything we do. Our travel clients will tell you that we are resourceful problem solvers with a penchant for effective communications.

How We Work

Start with a professional consultation so we can assess your needs and help you focus your plan for living in Spain. Then, we’ll set up a timeline for your specific situation, make a list of action items, and check in with you every step of the way.

Send us an email and we’ll send you a quote for our professional consultation services along with our New Client Survey so we can focus our conversation and determine how exactly we can assist you. You will have regular communications with us throughout the process, mostly via email. Once you’re settled in to your new life in Spain, we hope to continue to be in touch with you as we’re certain we’ll have become good friends by then.

We are confident that Spain Savvy’s connections will be a highlight as you begin your journey to your new life in Spain. We are proud to work with a team of real estate professionals, U.S./European tax gurus, business managers, and immigration lawyers who will help you get all of the grunt work done. We will find the answers to all of your questions, point you in the right direction to anything you might need along the way, and manage your entire process together with the team assigned to your case. To help get you established in Spain, we also understand the country’s private and public educational systems, and have connections in almost every professional sector.

Working with Spain Savvy is an immediate and direct connection to the Spanish local culture.

And of course, if you decide to do a fact-finding trip first before making the move, we can put it all together for you by using our prestigious travel design services.

About Us

Spain Savvy was founded by Sarah Gemba, a veteran expat and dual citizen of Spain and the United States. Originally from Boston, Sarah has been living permanently in Seville since 2004 and is a professionally-established tourism business owner with over 20 years of experience serving clients. Married to a Spaniard and a mother of three, Sarah has travelled extensively all over Spain, Portugal and Morocco.

Spain Savvy Relocation Services was created during the COVID-19 crisis in 2020, in which our travel services were forced to a sudden halt due to the global pandemic. We made the decision to expand our custom travel services to include relocation management and cross-cultural counseling, in order to continue to help our U.S.-based clients who have long-term plans to take up residency in Spain.

We’re confident that we can make your moving to Spain process go smoothly and seamlessly. But, don’t take our word for it!

Read our Client Testimonials and learn firsthand from previous travel clients about the benefits of working with Spain Savvy.

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