Murillo IV Centenary in Seville

This exhibition, Murillo IV Centenario (4th Centenary), closes Murillo Year.   The following is a guest post written exclusively for Spain Savvy by Fiona Flores Watson. After a full year of events commemorating the 400th anniversary of the baroque painter Murillo, celebrations finish on a high note. The final show of Año Murillo is [...]

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Spain Savvy on Enjoy Living Abroad Blog

We were thrilled to be featured on Karen McCann's "Enjoy Living Abroad" blog where we discussed what it's like to visit Seville in winter.  Karen also interviewed our founder Sarah Gemba on what brought her to live abroad and how she enjoys life here! Check it out at this link: Sarah & Seville: A Love [...]

The Spain Savvy Guide to the Seville Spring Fair

The following is a guest post written exclusively for Spain Savvy by Fiona Flores Watson Have you ever seen a photograph showing a group of Spanish women dancing in a long, brightly-colored, figure-hugging frilled dress, and flowers in their hair? Most likely the image is from the Feria de Abril, Seville’s biggest and most colorful [...]

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The Drama and Spectacle of Seville’s SEMANA SANTA

The following is a guest post written exclusively for Spain Savvy by Fiona Flores Watson A spine-tingling melee of high-pitched brass bands, trumpets glinting in the sunlight, clouds of incense, and mysterious candle-lit images swaying gently as they pass: this is Semana Santa, the biggest annual religious event in Spain, and one of the most [...]

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Spain Savvy Partner: Meeting Point Sevilla

We are pleased to bring you today's guest post from Spain Savvy partner, Meeting Point Sevilla! TRIANA: SEVILLA’S BARRIO AZUL One thing that Sevillan locals and tourists adore in equal measure, is the unique and intoxicating neighborhood of Triana. Triana is one of 11 districts in the municipality of Sevilla. Once a Roman [...]

2018: The Year of Murillo in Seville

The following is a guest post written exclusively for Spain Savvy by Lucy Williams In 2018, Seville is celebrating the Year of Murillo. But, who was Murillo and why is he important? Murillo was a Spanish Baroque painter, born in Seville 400 years ago this year. He was best known for his religious paintings, but he [...]

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Spain Savvy Partners: LaCasa Sevilla

Since our inception, we have had many travelers requesting to incorporate a language acquisition element in their trip.  The options in Sevilla for language learning are many, and there are very high-quality options to choose from, both traditional and non-traditional. We wanted to meet this particular need for our clients in a way that perfectly [...]

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Spain Savvy Partners: The Essence of Flamenco in Triana at Baraka

In a corner of Seville, in the magical Triana quarter (where many would say flamenco was born), our friends at Baraka Flamenco opens their doors to anyone who wishes to be moved by this provoking art form.  Flamenco is a very distinctive style of music and dance, characteristic of the Andalusian gypsies, strongly rhythmic and [...]

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Spain Savvy Destination Spotlight: Santa Olalla and Real de la Jara (Sierra Norte of Seville)

The following is a guest post written exclusively for Spain Savvy by Lucy Williams A feast for the senses. A mountain getaway a stone’s throw from Seville. Castles, stunning countryside and the best Iberian ham. What more could you ask for on a day trip? Ancient fortifications, breath-taking views and delicious food. And all within [...]

Spain Savvy Destination Spotlight: El Castillo de las Guardas

Just under an hour from Seville in the Sierra Norte is an animal and nature wonderland just waiting to be discovered!  The Castillo de las Guardas Reserve is a complex with an on-site Old West-themed hotel as well as rustic bungalows, a lakefront restaurant and the 15 kilometer expanse of natural habitats where the animals [...]