Spain Savvy Destination Spotlight: Mojácar, Almería

The Spain Savvy family is back from our summer vacation and while it's still fresh, we want to share what we discovered in this beautiful corner of southeast Spain during our six-day jaunt as a family (2 adults and 3 children - ages 7, 5 and 2).  The Spain Savvy children are good little explorers [...]

Spain Savvy Partners: The Essence of Flamenco in Triana at Baraka

In a corner of Seville, in the magical Triana quarter (where many would say flamenco was born), our friends at Baraka Flamenco opens their doors to anyone who wishes to be moved by this provoking art form.  Flamenco is a very distinctive style of music and dance, characteristic of the Andalusian gypsies, strongly rhythmic and [...]

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Spain Savvy Destination Spotlight: Santa Olalla and Real de la Jara (Sierra Norte of Seville)

The following is a guest post written exclusively for Spain Savvy by Lucy Williams A feast for the senses. A mountain getaway a stone’s throw from Seville. Castles, stunning countryside and the best Iberian ham. What more could you ask for on a day trip? Ancient fortifications, breath-taking views and delicious food. And all within [...]

Spain Savvy Travel Trips: Ueno Ueno Gourmet Shop in Seville

Looking for a great place to buy gourmet goods on your next trip to Seville? Look no further than the Ueno Ueno store on Calle García de Vinuesa, just a stone's throw from the Cathedral in the Arenal district.  In a family-owned, entrepreneurial atmosphere and demonstrating a true passion for their products,  the friendly and [...]

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Culture Corner: La Velá de Santa Ana in Seville

This week in Seville there is a fantastic opportunity for cultural immersion, at La Velá de Santa Ana, a festival taking place just along the Guadalquivir River in the emblematic Triana neighborhood.  You can't miss the green and white awnings so typical of the Spring Fair and other festive celebrations of this region, and where [...]

Spain Savvy Destination Spotlight: Costa Brava

Here at Spain Savvy, when someone asks us where they should take a day trip from Barcelona, our first answer is always the beautiful Costa Brava.  There are many different ways to visit this beautiful coastline, and below are just a couple we suggest - consulting with our guests first on their specific interests, activity [...]

Spain Savvy Fave Properties: Grupo Califa

Fresh off a site visit to our beloved Vejer de la Frontera, today we'd like to let the cat out of the bag and share one of the tricks we keep up our sleeve when including this amazing Andalusian village on any custom itinerary.  La Casa del Califa is a boutique hotel and the star of the Grupo [...]

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Spain Savvy Culture Corner: A Family Paella

Today we'd like to share with our readers a very special family recipe, one we get a lot of inquiries about.  Spain Savvy is proud to present...........the infamous Spanish rice dish, paella! The dish is said to to be a perfect union between the two historical Spanish cultures, the Romans, for the pan and the Arabs, [...]

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Spain Savvy Travel Tips: Exclusive Guide to Dining Out in Sevilla

Dining out is one of our favorite things to do and it's our first passion when it comes to organizing your trip to Spain.  We have developed Exclusive Guides to Dining Out in all of Spain's major destinations, and we look forward to sharing them with you.  When you design your custom itinerary with Spain [...]

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Spain Savvy Partners: Devour Tours

Spain Savvy is thrilled to present one of our most valued partners, Devour Tours, who offer quality food tours in Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Málaga and most recently have expanded into Galicia, San Sebastian, Valencia and Granada.  Their values and passion for showing visitors the authentic gastronomic wealth of this country including the cultural and historical [...]

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