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One thing that Sevillan locals and tourists adore in equal measure, is the unique and intoxicating neighborhood of Triana. Triana is one of 11 districts in the municipality of Sevilla.

Once a Roman colony founded by Trajan, the Roman emperor born in Itálica, Trajana-Triana, and according to some authors, the name also comes from the Celtiberian word Tri (three) and the Roman word Ana (river) since in that area the river was divided into three.

Triana’s past is littered with stories of sailors, ceramicists, matadors, flamenco artists, gypsy rebels and religious zealots. For these reasons and more, Triana is considered the spiritual heart of Sevillan culture.
Triana was also an ethnically mixed neighborhood where Moors, Gypsies, and Christians lived together. Immigration and emigration have formed the unique personality of the community. Sometimes locals call it “Triana: República Independiente” (The Independent Republic of Triana).

Triana is also called the “Birthplace of Flamenco”, and the origins of flamenco dance and music in Sevilla date back to the 15th century when Roma people settled there.

Among other art forms, Triana is perhaps most famous for its azulejos (ceramic tiles), named after the particular type of blue (azul) clay found in the area. The origins of this famous art form date back to prehistoric times, when the very same raw materials were used, and up until the early 1960s, the ceramic industry dominated the neighborhood. Even today, almost any tile you see in a local church, hotel, bar or home in Sevilla was made in Triana. Even the Plaza de España, was created specifically to exhibit the variety of styles and skills to be found in local workshops.

When you visit the neighborhood, you must not miss the Mercado de Triana. This is the place to shop for all the culinary classics: Jamón ibérico (Iberian ham), Queso Payoyo (local goat cheese), Miel de Granada (Organic Honey from Granada), Manzanilla (Spanish Sherry)… you can even try your hand with local dishes at the cooking school.

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