Spain Savvy Destination Spotlight: Granada

Granada is a beautiful and special place to visit in Spain. Last stronghold of the Moorish kings, it’s infused with history and culture. But it’s not all monuments and dusty churches. There are elegant modern buildings. Interactive science museums. Arab-style baths. There’s even a hippy side too. 

Top things to see and do:

The Alhambra

Obviously. A visit to Granada is not complete without a visit to this World Heritage Site. A stunning Moorish palace, the Nasrid dynasty’s last gasp before fleeing the advance of the Christian Reconquista. It’s a sprawling complex of rooms with domed marquetry ceilings and intricate glazed tilework. Tranquil pools and gardens. Fountains and streams built into the architecture. An oasis of beauty and calm. Book tickets in advance with Spain Savvy to avoid lines as visitors are limited to 6000 a day and tickets sell out weeks ahead. Wear comfortable footwear and don’t forget sun protection if you’re visiting in the spring and summer.

The Science Park

The Parque de las Ciencias is a great option for a rainy day. Or just because it’s a fascinating place. If you’re traveling with kids, even better. All the exhibits are interactive and there’s loads to do. Biodome. Butterfly House. Find out about birds of prey with a daily display of falconry. There’s even a planetarium.

Wander the Albayzín

The city’s historic quarter and now home to a growing Muslim population. It’s all narrow, winding streets. Cobblestones and nooks and crannies. You’ll find Arab-style tea houses with hookah pipes and typical Arab desserts. Baklava, gazelle horns, almond pastries. For a modern twist, try Ábaco Té on Calle Alamo del Marqués with its vegan range of cakes and milkshakes as well as the usual range of teas. Stay in a restored Carmen, traditional houses in the Albayzín with a courtyard or garden and a high wall separating it from the street. 

Search for free tapas

Lots of bars now will give you a free tapa with a drink. Try Los Manueles on Reyes Católicos, just round the corner from the Cathedral. Traditional Andaluz food with a 21st century twist. Tapas you might come across vary from rice dishes to bagels with Iberian ham to spicy chicken skewers. Have fun finding out.

Arab baths

Next to the Darro river, with the Alhambra towering above, the Hammam al andalus is Granada’s Arab baths. Like stepping back in time. A great place to relax and escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Book in advance either by phone or on-line and get 10% by showing your Alhambra ticket. There are various packages to choose from. Luxuriate in the different pools or add a massage as well.

Granada has something for everyone and here at Spain Savvy we almost always recommend it as a stop on any itinerary through southern Spain. 

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This was a guest post written exclusively for Spain Savvy by Lucy Williams

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